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Contemplating my next move

The prevailing logic is, “If you can buy a house then do it and don’t rent.” I suppose I have proven myself to eschew prevailing logic whenever possible. However, this time, some very smart people have been suggesting that, perhaps, this free bird should not have a mortgage cage, and instead, renting just might be the wiser option. Look at me being sensible!

So, I am looking for rentals in Kansas City. Having only lived there a handful of months, it feels like I haven’t yet sated myself on all it has to offer. I’ve narrowed the rental search to a couple properties and, like all Type-A Zimmermanns, am weighing the pros and cons of each place. Like only a few really anal Type-A Zimmermanns, I’ve created a spreadsheet. However, last night at dinner, my phone died so I was reduced to capturing my thoughts in an old school manner — on a napkin. My very attentive waiter saw this and gave me a piece of paper from his order book. Later, he came back and asked what I was working on. When I told him I was debating between two places in Missouri, he said, “Neither! Move to Puerto Rico!” He has a point. But, the exchange that happened next is what really stuck with me.

Waiter: Why stay in Missouri? What does it have?
Me: Family, of course. You’ll move to the strangest of places to be near family.
Waiter: Yes, and you’ll find family in the strangest of places.

Well, look at you, mister insight gift! I loved it. Perhaps it was also because I was sitting on a gorgeous rooftop patio with live music playing under a nearly full moon with a waiter that said, “Who is crazy enough to let you out alone with that beautiful smile? I would insist on always being with you.” Charmer.

I deftly changed the topic by sharing that a friend was visiting soon and asked for his opinion on a local island, Vieques, and if a trip to the bioluminescent bay was “worth it.” He assured me it was and when I told Carolyn about it, without hesitation, she said she was “in.” I have the coolest freaking friends, the best family, and find joy in the strangest of places.

3 thoughts on “Contemplating my next move”

  1. Given the wide open future, I’d skip on the mortgage for now, if I were in your shoes. When it becomes compelling to claim a place as your own, then you can opt in. The same goes for MO vs other possibilities. If you feel compelled to stake your tent there, then do it. If not (and you’re doing it out of habit), then why not try somewhere new for a year. I mean, you COULD BE in Puerto Rico or Sante Fe, NM or Camden, ME or… or… or…

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  2. A change of scene could work wonders, my friend. I’m partial to my new town here in Austin, but you’re the one who knows what’s best for you, whether that’s close to given family or chosen family or something else altogether. Sending you lots of love, wherever you land! ❤

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