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Choose your paradise

Yesterday, I visited Ben & Jerry’s. Some of you know that my Dad’s alias is “Ice Cream Man” and it won’t surprise you that I went at his suggestion. As I strolled along the beach back to my apartment, I was struck by the beauty of the water. However, when you increased your visual aperture and took in the full picture, there were dark clouds overhead. The clouds must have appreciated being noticed because they chose that moment to show off — I found an abandoned beach umbrella just in time. As I’m learning about my temporary home, it rains hard and fast in Puerto Rico, and then as quickly as it comes, it goes. The ground had almost dried itself by the time I got back.

As a well-camouflaged introvert, I have thoroughly enjoyed being alone with my own company this past week and a half. As a solo female traveler, I’ve been cautious about where I go after dark, especially on the hopping weekend nights. But, there’s a quiet FOMO (fear of missing out) pang when, at 11pm, I hear the whoops and hollers of bachelorette parties and revelers down on the street while I’m watching Parks & Rec on my couch with a glass of red wine.

Or, like earlier today, when I was reading my Kindle inside and noticed how beautiful it was outside. I was so super comfortable and happy where I was, but, look at those palm trees! There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and I knew it would take me less than 5 minutes to be down at the pool. As I rolled over to get up and head out, I groaned. It made me stop in my tracks and realize, I didn’t WANT to go down to the pool. I was perfectly content in the A/C, laying on the couch, reading my book, occasionally looking out the window. So why was I forcing myself to go enjoy paradise, when I already had paradise found.

Suddenly, there was no FOMO, just gratitude for a choice made.

2 thoughts on “Choose your paradise”

    1. “Paradise Lost” is an old poem from Milton and was the reference I was hoping an astute reader would pick up on — nicely done, Aunt Jean. 😉


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