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All is Well

This week has been a little rough on my emotions but I’m fortunate to have a long list of family and friends that pick me up and remind me all is well. And a mom that points out the obvious, “Josie, you’re near the water. Go to the water.”

So, I decided to spend my lunch hour at the beach. That meant, lathering up in SPF50 and gathering all the things I might possibly want to read/write/listen to while at the beach. Grabbing the lovely anti-sand blanket I bought on Amazon and a cozy beach towel. Also, water, because hydration. And will I want my visor or my straw sunhat? Wouldn’t hurt to throw in a backup pair of headphones in case my bluetooth ones go kaput. With my luggage in tow, I headed to the beach.

“Oh, look at the cute selfie. Everybody will be able to see how much fun I’m having at the beach! Hmmm, is this a private beach only for hotel customers? Well, I walked here so I can walk myself home if they kick me out. Oh gosh, this sand blanket is a lot bigger than I realized. I mean, it made sense at the time to buy the largest size for the cheapest price but since it’s just me, maybe I’ll fold it. Oh. Wow. I see how this thing was designed to have the stakes only go in on the corners and not in this half-fold fashion I’ve created. Oh well, just throw the blanket down and lay down. You’re at the beach. Wooo, lunch hour at the beach, living the life! Wow, that’s a lot of sand being blown in my ear. Is it because I’m on the ground and all the hotel guests are on beach chairs? I’ll just put my straw hat over my face and cock it to my right ear. Well. Now, I am getting a fine mist of sand blown into my face and ears thanks to the holes in my straw hat. I also hope I’m not getting a weird mosaic suntan on my face. Josie. Who cares. You’re at the beach! This is the life. Hummm, maybe I’ll get in the water. What does sand matter when you’re submerged in the Caribbean Sea amiright?!?!?”

The water was pretty lovely. Other than I forgot to take off my Fitbit so couldn’t actually get submerged and I kept convincing myself that below the clear surface lurked a shark, jellyfish, or who knows what that had just been waiting for my wading. I re-packed my possessions into my now sand-filled bag and headed back to the allure of an empty pool where I thoroughly enjoyed the last ten minutes of my lunch hour.

Last night, I visited an Italian restaurant. Because, when in places known for their seafood, I eat pizza and pasta. Really, I eat pizza and pasta anywhere, regardless of their seafood reputation. The older waiter was so delightful and felt like God placed an honorary grandpa in my presence. At one point he sort of tapped my shoulder; he was walking up from behind me and didn’t want to startle me. I was surprised how comforted I was by such a slight touch from a complete stranger. But the energy exchanged felt like the hug my family and friends weren’t physically able to give. God provides even when it comes in unexpected ways. That’s why all IS well.

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